KLIA ExpressAlways Learn Islam and Wanna be Real Moslem–

–Husband of Intan Ari Rachmanti–

–Being Best Dad already-

–Geek Enthuasiastic–

Hii Readers,,

I’m Januar Ishaq, that worked to the Steel Companies of Indonesia,, interested to study internet that specialize in Accounting (basic), Islam (Religion), Football (actually) and social-media,,

already finished from Economic Faculty makes me growing up with business phenomenon till explaining why we get this decision. it’s fun to know how big company grows up with many problems, and Accounting always be solution to know “What Should be”,, may We can make discussion about it to understands latest paradigm,,,

Islam is Me,, there’s no perfect rule beside syariah, because there’s origin from The God (Allah SWT), and there’s only Islam can explain you why and standing beside to become succes,, I love being Moeslim and I will never change it by anything,, truely We can post meaningfull of it,, Aamiin,,,


One thought on “About

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